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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my custom order?
  • Please allow six weeks for delivery.
How much deposit is required for a custom piece?
  • A fifty per cent deposit is required on all custom orders. Checks, money orders, or cashier checks are accepted. Sorry, but credit cards are not accepted at this time.
What items are ready to ship?
  • Sun bonnets, capes, and limited day attire (email for availability).
What are period closures?
  • Bodices are fastened with buttons or hooks and eyes, or are laced up with ribbon. Skirts and dresses are fastened with buttons or hooks and eyes.
Why is it important that I wear period undergarments?
  • Each Daughters of Eve dress is made using authentic patterns. The originals were designed to be worn over period-style undergarments and will not drape or fall properly otherwise. Ruth will be happy to advise you on the proper underpinnings to enhance the beauty of your ensemble.
How did Daughters of Eve begin?
  • Ruth began making costumes in 1975 for participants in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. She became interested in historical clothing when she attended her first Victorian Ball in 1985. Since that time, she has been making period fashions for both men and women.
  • Ruth is a SASS member (as “Ramblin’ Red”), and has been active in several living history organizations, such as Past Matters. She has done a number of Victorian fashion shows for charity organizations and has been a consultant for numerous historical societies, historical sites and period films.
  • Ruth prides herself on providing the finest historical attire along with the personal touch needed to make each client a picture of true Victorian beauty.
  • References are available upon request.


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